Why it is terrific fun to play croquet…

Here’s a sponsored post from our chum Mathew Hampson. Mathew is a croquet enthusiast from Big Game Hunters, a garden croquet retailer based in Oxfordshire.

Why it is terrific fun to play croquet

Croquet can be enjoyed by people of all ages
One of the best things about croquet is that it can be enjoyed by people of any age group. Playing isn’t too strenuous and is low impact on joints, similar to going on walks. Children and retired adults alike can both enjoy it. Croquet allows people to continue enjoying the competitive nature of other higher impact sports such as rugby and football after they have retired from playing them.

You can pick up the game very quickly too and you just need to learn a few basic skills which most people take to very well.

Croquet benefits the mind
Croquet is a fantastic game of tactics and puzzle solving. You must have a precise touch and direction in order to hit the balls into the area you are aiming for. Applying strategic thinking will work the brain in the same way that a puzzle game such as chess does.

You can select a suitable level of competition for yourself
When you take up the game you can play it in a variety of different levels of competition. These start at a game amongst friends at your local club to going round the country in competitions which last between a day and a week.

There is a handicap system in place with croquet where beginners can play experts and still be competitive. Similarly croquet is one of the few sports which men and women can play competitively together.

Being outdoors Increases wellbeing
A study published in a 2010 edition of the Journal of Environmental Psychology shows that people feel more alive when they are outdoors. Exposure with being outdoors is linked to increased energy and heightened sense of well-being. The studies explain many people reach for a strong cup of coffee when they feel tired but would be better served taking a foray into the great outdoors.

Especially in the summer it is a very pleasant experience having a game of croquet on the lawns in the sun. Doing this regularly will improve your mood.

Croquet is not very expensive to play.
Initially clubs will have mallets and equipment you can borrow while you get a feel for the game. After a while it is a good idea to purchase your own mallet as they process different characteristics which will suit different styles of play. Aside from that it is a good idea to have a set of waterproof for when it rains and potentially a set of whites if you want to play in competitions.

Great Way to Meet People
Croquet is a great way to meet people because the members of clubs are there because they want to be. They are also there to enjoy a game and you share a common interest so this puts everyone in the same boat. You will definitely make new friends but because the croquet community as a whole is not overwhelmingly large you will get to know each other quite well.


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